We value all of our customers. Whether you choose our Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze package, you receive the highest level of service, just different coverage.

Once you pay your deposit and confirm your booking, you will be given access to a private video that describes how the shoot on the day will work, how we balance the flow of the day with the requirements of capturing the best shots we need and we give you some helpful tips on how to help us.

We guarantee the following things no matter what package you choose;

  • A comprehensive pre-wedding consultation where you can call us anytime leading up to the wedding
  • We research the venue in advance
  • Friendly and professional service at all times
  • Both photographers will wear branded clothing so everyone is clear who are official photographers on the day
  • We use a range of high quality lens to capture quality shots that will give a lifetime of memories
  • After the wedding we carefully edit EVERY photo individually with absolutely no bulk editing
  • We provide HD, non-watermarked photos two weeks (one week for platinum customers) after the wedding in a decorative box on a high capacity USB stick.