Getting married to your soulmate is a huge moment in your life and in your families lives. 

When you book Precious Wedding Shots as your photographers for your big day, here is what to expect.

Once you have confirmed your booking, you can contact us via email or telephone at any time prior to the wedding with questions. Have you a specific shot in mind? No problem! Every wedding is different and we want you to love the photos we capture on the day.

Our style is known as “docu-style”. What this means is that we capture the story of your day from the sidelines. The posed shots, or classic shots, are mostly done in the portrait shoot prior to the wedding.

On the day we do not interrupt the flow of the proceedings but we proactively capture the beautiful story of your day. We capture the little smiles, the tears people try to hide, the happiness of your friends, the confetti and the tender moments.

We build a story of your day, capturing even the little things you didn’t see yourself. We capture it all.